Amazon Testing Contextual Ad Network has just entered the testing phase for its own network of third-party contextual ad links. The idea is to compete with Google’s established AdSense network, the newly launched Yahoo! Publisher and MSN AdCenter, as well as to expand the presence of in the online world. While the site has surpassed its humble beginnings as an online bookseller to become the epicenter of e-commerce in the past decade, the company sees ad sellers like Google as middlemen impeding upon potentially profitable territory.

Web users have become accustomed to finding contextual links to Amazon’s own site everywhere they look, particularly while searching for products. From ski boots to kitchenware, if you’re interested in it, chances are Amazon will show you how to buy it. Now the site hopes to market the strength of their consumer targeting strategy to third party advertisers.

Under their new plan, website owners will get paid part of the commission that comes from each time a surfer is directed to an advertiser’s site. A code placed on each participating website will display new ads 50% of the time and Amazon’s Keywords Recommends banners the rest of the time.

The news of’s new advertising network comes in the wake of several other advances the site has made in the past few months. By adding an A9 search service, an Alexa Web Services platform, a soon-to-be-launched streaming video show hosted by Bill Maher, and now this to their site, they have made a bold statement to their internet competitors. is all grown up and preparing itself to take on e-commerce from every angle imaginable

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